MCYO and PVYO Audition Results

Another Great Audition Season for the Studio!

Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra (MCYO)


Austin M., Principal
Claire C.
SeYong P.


Tsach M.

Young Artists

Kevin W.


Potomac Valley Youth Orchestra (PVYO)


Ashley C.
Tsach M.


Cole M.

Congratulations to my fantastic students!

Wow! I am really proud of my students!

Our studio is represented in six youth orchestras this season! In addition to the winning places in the American Youth Philharmonic (AYP) Concert, Symphony and Philharmonic Orchestras (results were posted in July), and the Washington Metropolitan Youth Orchestra (WMYO), recent audition results are:

Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras (MCYO)


  • Jason H. Co-Principal
  • Ashley H. Co-Principal
  • Claire C.

Symphony (Principal results not yet announced.)

  • Austin M.
  • Ashley C.
  • SeYong P.


Potomac Valley Youth Orchestra (PVYO) 

Philharmonic (Principal results not yet announced.)

  • Grace G. 
  • Ashley C.

Symphony (Principal results not yet announced.)

  • Seung-Hyun K.


McLean Youth Orchestra (MYO)

  • Jaerin C.


D.C. Youth Orchestra Program (DCYOP)

Youth Philharmonic (Principal results not yet announced.) 

  • Devon K.

AYPO Roster for the 2017-2018 Season

Proud of my students who won auditions to participate in one of the premiere youth orchestras in the DC Metro Area.

American Youth Philharmonic

Paul Y.

American Youth Symphony

Kevin M.

Ashley C.

American Youth Concert Orchestra

Tsach M.

Angela S.

Newest Members of MCYO (Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras)

Congratulations to the winners of the highly-competitive audition to join the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra (MCYO) one of finest youth orchestras in the Washington DC area. Students from our studio hold seven of the eleven clarinet positions.


  • Jason H. Principal Clarinet
  • Ashley H., Assistant Principal / Eb Clarinet
  • Joseph L., 2nd Clarinet


  • Claire C., Principal Clarinet
  • Austin M., Assistant Principal Clarinet

Young Artists:

  • Ashely C.
  • SeYong J.