Taking Clarinet Lessons with Dr. Hunt – FAQ

National Philharmonic Concerto Competition Winner Jason Hong performing with the orchestra at Strathmore Music Hall in Rockville, MC

National Philharmonic High School Concerto Competition Winner Jason Hong with the orchestra at Strathmore Music Hall in Rockville, MD

Q: What does it take to be a successful student?

A: To me, a successful student is one who develops a love of music and who experiences continuous improvement. There are more objective measures of success, such as winning competitions or auditions. These are very important as well because they can provide a measurement of student and teacher success.

Q: OK, but what does it take to win auditions and competitions?

A:  Persistence and the ability to follow directions are very important. It takes discipline to practice every single day, but that is a hallmark of the successful path in music.
Finally–and this might be the most important attribute of a highly successful musician–one must love music. 
Q: How can I tell if I am talented?
A: One manifestation of talent is a desire to practice; to get things right. (With young people, parents can help motivate daily practice).
While it is undeniable that some people exhibit talent at a very early age, most musicians develop their talent through years of disciplined practice. Usually, when a musician is considered talented, it is because she or he is an accomplished musician—someone who can play virtuosic music and make it sound easy. To achieve this takes years of intelligent practice. I truly believe talent can be developed.

Q: You teach 45 minute and hour lessons. Why not ½ hour lessons?

A: I believe it is important to develop a relationship with students. Also, there are many elements in clarinet playing and developing musicianship that require more than 30 minutes to achieve.

Q: Where do lessons take place?

A: Clarinet lessons take place in the studio in McLean, Virginia, just across the Legion Bridge from Montgomery County, Maryland. It is approximately 20 minutes from Bethesda, and Potomac, Maryland. Virginia clarinet students come from Fairfax County and Loudon County including Falls Church, Vienna, Arlington, and Centerville.

Q: Do you offer a scholarship?

A: Yes. I offer an annual half-scholarship in memory of my principal teacher, in the form of tuition reduction. To be eligible, you must be a student with exceptional talent and financial need, and you must commit to a one hour minimum of daily practice.
Dr. Hunt, a Juilliard Graduate, offers the region’s most comprehensive clarinet lessons. His clarinet students are represented in the most prestigious youth programs and are winners of many national and regional competitions. Dr. Hunt’s studio serves students from Maryland and Virginia and the communities of McLean, Great Falls, Vienna, Oakton, Sterling, Potomac, Bethesda and Rockville.