What critics and other musicians say about him

Albert Hunt demonstrated refined phrasing and much versatility….his fingers ran across the instrument as if it were an extension of his body. ~ Diario Hoy, Quito, Ecuador

Albert Hunt, a master of the clarinet. ~ Richmond News Leader

One of the most talented clarinetists I’ve worked with. ~ Joseph Allard, Clarinetist and Teacher at The Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music and New England Conservatory

We appreciated your remarkable performance. ~ Patrick Scheidecker, Vandoren Reeds and Mouthpieces

A gifted musician. ~ Barry S. Brook, CUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus

One of the most expressive clarinet sounds I’ve recorded. ~ Max Schubel, President, OpusOne Recordings

As a teacher, Albert has a rare ability to assess the level of each student and to give that student whatever help he/she may require to advance from that level to a greater technical and musical competence. One of the outstanding traits of Dr. Hunt’s approach is to emphasize the musical education of the student while also providing a comprehensive and logical technical background. I recommend him without reservation. ~ David Niethamer, Principal Clarinet (retired) Richmond Symphony

What students say about him

Year after year, Dr. Hunt, your students are the best. Proud to have been your student. ~ Simon Z.

You have been a really really great teacher for her. In the last for and half years, she had achievements we couldn’t imagine if without you being her teacher. ~ Fang W.

Dear Dr. Hunt,

I am truly honored to be your student. I feel like I improved a lot ever since I walked into your lesson from for the first time. My hand position, my embouchure, tone, etc. On top of that, my love and passion for music has grown while working with you.

Thank you for all that you have done. I would not be where I am today without you. It’s been a phenomenal year and four months. I look forward to continuing my studies with you.

Yours, truly,

Paul Y.. 

You are a masterful teacher – seriously, it’s a joy to watch you teach and Jacob is inspired. Laurie F. 

My weekly lessons with Dr. Hunt have increased my appreciation of the clarinet and improved my ability to play. His enthusiasm keeps me striving to be a better player week after week. ~ Jared G.

From a happy parent

From a happy parent

I came to the clarinet as an adult, and I was looking for a teacher. I heard Al play a benefit concert at my church — I remember he played the Poulenc sonata, among other things. I was really impressed with his tone and the musicality of his playing, and so I approached him about taking lessons. I’ve been very pleased with the results. Al has given me a solid foundation. He emphasizes the importance of tone, and he has a good working knowledge of the biomechanical issues that affect it — embouchure, tongue position, air flow, etc. He can also speak clearly about the less tangible musical issues, like phrasing and dynamics, in a way that makes them understandable. Probably the best recommendation I can give is simply to state that I have taken lessons from Al for over six years. I think that speaks for itself. ~ Mike H.

I didn’t know how much fun music could be before I began lessons with Dr. Hunt. It’s hard work, but now I’m the best player in my school, and I made all-state band this year. ~ Ron K.

Thank you, Dr. Hunt. You not only made my daughter a great player, but you have helped her mature as a person. We appreciate all you do. ~ Mrs. Woo